Coffee Scrub (150g) – Personal Pack



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The Borneo Scrub by Cazel is a fully online endeavor founded by a Sabahan married duo Cass & Azel in 2015. We offer 100% Natural Skin Care solutions & cosmetics beginning with our signature Coffee Face & Body Scrub and our recently launched Mineral Lipstick PureYou.

All our products are made from locally sourced ingredients from different regions across Sabah, they are all locally made and quality is guaranteed. For certain production process/product we have a partnership with SIRIM Malaysia to further ensure safety and quality of our products.

Our goal is to produce and promote chemical free natural skin care solutions & cosmetics.


The Borneo Scrub

Our very first 100% local production promotional video, we hope you like it and thank you for the continued support =)Don't forget to Like our page and follow us on instagram @theborneoscrub =)Last but not least, credits to DJ/Artist Nera our lovely star of the show, Mr. Alban our videographer and Mdm. Elise Ngoi for sponsoring the location at SOHO Riverson.#theborneoscrub #kkcityonlineshop #kkcity #madeinBorneo #lokalproduct #lokalbrand #sapotlokal #theborneoscrubagent

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