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Shared Services
Outsourcing (SSO)

Reduce cost of living by simplifying the supply chain.


Introduced in 2016, the SSO is a Ministry of Industrial Development initiative to reduce the Rakyat's living costs. The programme assists SME entrepreneurs in packaging, logistics, storage, promotion and delivery to retail shops. SSO aims to increase sales and income of entrepreneurs consistently and help them to be self reliant.

borneo kaki

BorneoKaki.com is an integral part of SSO. We help local producers to widen their market reach online. Our directory of local SME companies brings in potential business leads. 

Keep cost down, profits up

SSO combines the various parties’ resources to be shared among each other. The combined warehouse, logistics and marketing costs translates to more profites for smart entrepreneurs.



Sorting & Packaging

We break open your master cases and sort them into smaller units for distribution. We can provide barcode and repackaging services.

services - warehouse


We store your goods in our centralised warehouse. Our cold room is able to handle forzen as well as chilled products.

services - logistics


We maintain a fleet of delivery vehicles to be shared among the businesses. We also collaborate with 3rd party delivery companies for complete coverage.



We work with more than 150 retailers throughout Sabah to help you market your products. You can also sell via BorneoKaki.com.


Invoicing & Servicing

We can help you issue invoice to your B2B customers and handle good returns. We are experienced in arranging rack displays.



We manage road shows and promotions in various events and exhibitions. You can promote your products to a wider audience for more sales..

Support local producers

We offer a wide variety of local products at attractive prices